Pro Crack Seal is a leading quality repairer of cracked roads and pavements. Crack sealing has fast become the preferred method in preventative maintenance of roads and pavements. Early intervention by Pro Crack Seal is a simple way, at a relatively low cost, to reduce further degradation and therefore extend the life of such high cost infrastructure by delaying expensive resurfacing and reconstruction of roads and pavements.

Crack Sealing Process

Pro Crack Seal sets a high standard in the preparation of surfaces that require sealing. Surface cracks are cleaned of all dirt and weed matter before being cleared with compressed air. Pro Crack Seal technicians place great emphasis on the cleaning of all surface cracks prior to sealant application to provide longevity for this form of preventative maintenance.

Pro Crack Seal uses hot pour bitumen and rubber sealants especially designed for long term and crack filling applications. The product retains its flexibility and elastic properties during joint expansion and contraction over a wide range of temperatures and helps prevent the intrusion of water into the base of roads and pavement surfaces.


• Relatively low cost alternative to replacing the pavement
• Prolonging the life of the pavement
• Provides a sealant to water penetrating the base of the pavement
• Prevents reflective cracking from appearing in road resurfacing
• Reduces the likelihood of potholes and further degradation of the surface


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